Rock A By Baby

One of the biggest challenges for new parents is how to get your child to fall asleep. Those countless nights of walking around the hallway swaying your child hoping they will go to sleep become so frustrating when the moment you stop the child notices and wakes up. One thing many parents forget to look into is the cradling swing. The cradling swing is meant to hold the swaddle you put your child in so they feel secured the entire time. Next it is meant to sway the child at the desired pace you set. The countless rocking and swaying you do holding your child can now be done at the click of a button.

Setting up the cradling swing next to your baby monitor is one of the best ways to get your child to fall fast asleep and stay in deep sleep longer. You can ensure that your child is happy and getting the much needed rest a child needs in the early stages of development all while you have free hands to do whatever you have to catch up on. It gives you time to eat, or to even get some sleep yourself.

The Ingenuity inlighten cradling swing is one brand that even goes a step further for a swing. Not only does it keep your child safe and secure while swaying them at a comfortable pace, but it also adds sound. It comes with a setting for a soft lullaby to be playing while they fall asleep and to engage their young minds. If the lullaby wasn’t enough, the ingenuity inlighten cradling swing also comes with a mobile the put over the child so they can have interaction and stimulation in yet another form.

When thinking about if your family needs a cradling swing or not, think about all of those nights you wish you could get some sleep. Now think about how those nights could possibly go if you have a cradling swing to rock your child as long as they desire while you rest comfortably in your bed.